derekpalladino.com … again. Version 11 is live. Simple, tiny, clean and to the point. 

Utilized tech and features:
-Design: mostly inspired while making my front-end starter (https://github.com/derekjp/boilerplate)


-Fixed Nav: by Adtile (http://www.adtile.me/fixed-nav/)

-Smooth Scroll: part of the Fixed Nav  (https://github.com/cferdinandi/smooth-scroll)

-SVG logo (the “dp”)

-Genericon: for icon fonts (http://genericons.com/)

-Modernizr: Feature detection and others (http://modernizr.com/)

-Google Fonts: Bree Serif and Open Sans (https://www.google.com/fonts)

-CodeKit 2: development sidekick/super helper (https://incident57.com/codekit/)

-SublimeText: my new favorite text editor, I didn’t think anything could pry me away from Coda 2, but it one my heart. (http://www.sublimetext.com/)